Images of the European Romantic Era

The month of August can vary from stifling to rainy weather, from dull to balmy skies, from drowsy to bright days, but one thing is certain: each year it comes anew.
Beautiful but unfamiliar sounds resonate from the Moscow Conservatory during the month of August and can be heard from far away. Young people from all over the world come to study in the International Summer School. Their voices, as well as the sounds of unfamiliar musical instruments in the hands of virtuosos of various nations ring out through the Conservatory. The lovely songs describe the way of life of both far away and close-by people and nations.
All these sounds come from the International Music Festival We gather friends that is held for the 14th time this year. With many festivals and forums falling silent in the year of 2020, the Festival is still taking to various means to gather friends, even though on a smaller scale.
The Festival will present 8 different events, within the eleven days, from 17th till 27th August. Four events will be conventional live concerts held in our favourite Rachmaninov Hall and streamed live on Internet. On other four occasions we will show online the music concerts pre-recorded by the artists who are not able to come to Moscow this time.


Festival Programme

CONCERTS at the Rachmaninov Hall + live broadcast

17.08 MON Pearl String. Chinese Classical music
Anastasia Novoselova
20.08 THU Images of the European Romantic Era
Ekaterina Godovanetz
Alexey Gulyanitsky (violin),
Sholpan Barlykova (piano)
22.08 SAT Children of the Sun. Music of Latin America and Azerbaijan
Paula Andrea Gallego Gutiérrez
Colombia (clarinet),
Anvar Karimov Azerbaijan (trumpet),
Emin Huseynov Azerbaijan (violin),
Jonathan Duarte Costa Rica (piano),
Jelizabeta Terentjeva Latvia (piano)
25.08 TUE Nova Trio, Turkey. A. Arenksy and Turkish Folksongs arrangements.
Çetin Ceviz (violin),
Seren Karabey (cello),
Ecem Alnıaçık (piano)

ONLINE BROADCAST of the musical films provided by the Festival performers

18.08 TUE The Rising star of Albion
George Harliono
Programme of the Royal College of Music in London.
21.08 FRI Colombian music tells stories of freedom
Presented by Colombian ensemble ARCOB
23.08 SUN A peaceful dream
Bach, Chopin, Buddhist chants transcriptions
Chen Cheng-ting, Taiwan (piano).
27.08 THU The only sound in the Universe. Li Fengyun and Wang Jianxin
China (quqin, xiao, dizi, xun).
The performance at the We gather friends Festival in 2015
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